Detect a pattern by camera, Get notified by text or email.

Detect mask wearing compliance in your organization and get notified by text

Detect proper hand washing of your employees and give a score after they finish

Starter solution as low as $800 Talk to an AI Engineer Directly

Simple! You tell us about a desired pattern to identify, we create a trained model to detect the pattern and then report you.

We deliver the solution end to end, the cameras, the connectivity, the AI model and the integration with your existing infrastruction or just notify you by basic methods such as email or text.

Detect proper hand washing of your employees and give a score after they finish

We deliver a solution that meets your needs

Starter solution as low as $900
You can achieve many things with this technology. Our technology can track, identify and qualify any desired or undesired movement pattern.
A pattern could be:
Proper cleaning or disinfecting medical dental chairs
Employee standing up to greet customers
Employees are 6 feets away from each others
Number of people allowed in a specific area

Define the pattern!

Let us know about the pattern you want to identify

Create the model

We customize the training model to suit your business use case

Get Notified

Once a desired pattern is identified you get notified by any means! We can also integrate this with your existing infrastruction.

Just call or email us, we'll help ya!

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